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authFullName_s : Henri Jaffrès

Spin Hall effect and spin absorption in ferromagnetic materials

Maxen Cosset-Cheneau , Sara Varotto , Paul Noël , Cécile Grèzes , van Tuong Pham , et al.
Spintronics XIV, Aug 2021, San Diego, France. pp.4, ⟨10.1117/12.2594618⟩
Conference papers hal-03506062v1

Eigenmodes of semiconductor spin-lasers with local linear birefringence and gain dichroism (Conference Presentation)

Tibor Fordos , Kamil Postava , Jaromír Pištora , Arnaud Garnache , Henri Jaffrès , et al.
Spintronics X, Aug 2017, San Diego, United States. pp.88, ⟨10.1117/12.2278023⟩
Conference papers hal-02121227v1

Evidence of Pure Spin-Current Generated by Spin Pumping in Interface-Localized States in Hybrid Metal–Silicon–Metal Vertical Structures

Carolina Cerqueira , Jian Yin Qin , Huong Dang , Abdelhak Djeffal , Jc Le Breton , et al.
Nano Letters, 2019, 19 (1), pp.90-99. ⟨10.1021/acs.nanolett.8b03386⟩
Journal articles hal-01987996v1

Angular-resolved photoemission electron spectroscopy and transport studies of the elemental topological insulator α -Sn

Quentin Barbedienne , Julien Varignon , Nicolas Reyren , Alain Marty , Céline Vergnaud , et al.
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), 2018, 98 (19), pp.195445. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.98.195445⟩
Journal articles cea-02044889v1

Germanium: a semiconducting platform for spin-orbitronics

Thomas Guillet , Carlo Zucchetti , Adele Marchionni , Quentin Barbedienne , Ali Hallal , et al.
Spintronics XIII, Aug 2020, Online Only, France. pp.95, ⟨10.1117/12.2567222⟩
Conference papers hal-03119470v1

Effect of high-energy electron irradiation on the electronic properties of beta-gallium oxide

Thi-Huong Dang , Marcin Konczykowski , Viatcheslav Safarov , Elie Hammou , Lucia Romero Vega , et al.
Oxide-based Materials and Devices XIII, Jan 2022, San Francisco, France. pp.60, ⟨10.1117/12.2622559⟩
Conference papers hal-03798630v1

Evaluation of spin diffusion length of AuW alloys using spin absorption experiments in the limit of large spin-orbit interactions

Piotr Laczkowski , Henri Jaffrès , Williams Savero Torres , J. C. Rojas-Sánchez , Yu Fu , et al.
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), 2015, 92 (21), pp.214405. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.92.214405⟩
Journal articles hal-01615212v1

Spin–Charge Conversion Phenomena in Germanium

Simón Oyarzún , Fabien Rortais , Juan-Carlos Rojas-Sanchez , Federico Bottegoni , Piotr Laczkowski , et al.
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 2017, 86 (1), ⟨10.7566/JPSJ.86.011002⟩
Journal articles hal-01614038v1
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Measurement of the Spin Absorption Anisotropy in Lateral Spin Valves

M. Cosset-Chéneau , Laurent Vila , G. Zahnd , D. Gusakova , V. t. T Pham , et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2021, 126 (2), pp.027201. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.027201⟩
Journal articles hal-03119506v1

Transition from spin accumulation into interface states to spin injection in silicon and germanium conduction bands

Abhinav Jain , Juan-Carlos Rojas-Sanchez , Murat Cubukcu , Julian Peiro , Jean-Christophe Le Breton , et al.
The European Physical Journal B: Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, 2013, 86, pp.140. ⟨10.1140/EPJB/E2013-31067-7⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00921473v1

Toward efficient spin/charge conversion using topological insulator surface (Conference Presentation)

Quentin Barbedienne , Julien Varignon , Henri Jaffrès , Nicolas Reyren , Albert Fert , et al.
Spintronics XI, Aug 2018, San Diego, France. pp.118, ⟨10.1117/12.2319675⟩
Conference papers hal-03810209v1
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Recombination time mismatch and spin dependent photocurrent at a ferromagnetic-metal/semiconductor tunnel junction

Viatcheslav I Safarov , Igor V Rozhansky , Ziqi Zhou , Bo Xu , Zhongming Wei , et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2022, 128 (5), pp.057701. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.128.057701⟩
Journal articles hal-03861528v1

Spin-Orbit Currents, Spin-Transfer Torque and Anomalous Tunneling in III–V Heterostructures Probed by Advanced 30- and 40-Bands ${k}\cdot{p}$ Tunneling Methods

Duy Quang To , Thi-Huong Dang , Hoai Viet Nguyen , Viatcheslav I. Safarov , Jean-Marie George , et al.
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2019, 55 (7), pp.1-7. ⟨10.1109/TMAG.2019.2894571⟩
Journal articles hal-02397030v1
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Spin Hall effect in AuW alloys

Piotr Laczkowski , Juan Carlos Rojas-Sánchez , Yu Fu , Williams Savero-Torres , Nicolas Reyren , et al.
SPIE 9931, Spintronics IX, Aug 2016, San Diego, United States. pp. 993108, ⟨10.1117/12.2238694⟩
Conference papers cea-01511834v1

Local and mean-field approaches for modeling semiconductor spin-lasers

Mariusz Drong , Tibor Fördös , Henri Jaffrès , Jan Peřina , Kamil Postava , et al.
Journal of Optics, 2020, 22 (5), pp.055001. ⟨10.1088/2040-8986/ab7d8a⟩
Journal articles hal-03002681v1
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Spin injection efficiency at metallic interfaces probed by THz emission spectroscopy

Jacques Hawecker , Thi‐huong H Dang , Enzo Rongione , James Boust , Sophie Collin , et al.
Advanced Optical Materials, 2021, pp.2100412. ⟨10.1002/adom.202100412⟩
Journal articles hal-03272299v1