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The List institute is committed to technological innovation in digital systems.
Its R&D activities encompass four main themes: factory of the future, cyber-physical systems, artificial intelligence and digital health.

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Cancer Neural networks Dose measurement Energy efficiency Beta-rays Laser Clustering Classification Safety Diagnosis Fluorescence Decay data evaluation Metrology PENELOPE Dosimetry Gamma imaging Nuclear instrumentation Monte Carlo Medical imaging Embedded systems Modelling Performance Metabolomics Detector UML Tomography Calorimeter Simulation Transferometry Spectrometry C programming language Chemical Vapor Deposition CVD Radiotherapy Nondestructive examination Ionizing radiation Decay data measurement Semantics Radionuclide metrology Defect Primary activity measurement Fault detection Optimization Deep learning Static analysis Instrumentation Electronic architecture Geometry Linac Formal methods Neural network Radioactivity Reliability Reflectometry Sensor Robotics Data processing Virtual reality Contrôle non destructif Computer architecture Online learning Neutron-gamma discrimination Modeling Ultrasound Fiber Bragg Grating Diffraction Gamma-rays Statistical analysis Gamma spectrometry Ionization chamber Structural health monitoring Algorithms Plastic scintillator Diamond Irradiation Non-destructive testing Fuzzy logic Thin film Cable Spectrum analysis Nanodiamond Distributed and Quasi-distributed sensing Alpha-rays Photons Beta spectrum Signal processing Machine learning Particle transport Calibration Security Image processing Nanoparticles Artificial intelligence Phantom Computational linguistics Neutrons Monte Carlo simulation Monitoring Optical Fiber Sensor X-rays Design