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Synchronization Analysis of Networks of Self-sampled All-Digital Phase-Locked Loops

Jean-Michel Akre , Jérôme Juillard , Dimitri Galayko , Eric Colinet
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Part 1 Fundamental Theory and Applications, 2012, 59 (4), pp.708-720. ⟨10.1109/TCSI.2011.2169745⟩
Journal articles hal-00695843v1
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A Design Approach for Networks of Self-Sampled All-Digital Phase-Locked Loops

Jean-Michel Akré , Jérôme Juillard , Mohammad Javidan , Eldar Zianbetov , Dimitri Galayko , et al.
20th European Conference on Circuit theory and Design (ECCTD'11), Aug 2011, Linköping, Sweden. pp.725-728, ⟨10.1109/ECCTD.2011.6043646⟩
Conference papers hal-00633011v1
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A clock network of distributed ADPLLs using an asymmetric comparison strategy

A. Korniienko , Eric Colinet , Gérard Scorletti , Eric Blanco , Dimitri Galayko , et al.
IEEE International Symposium on Circuit and Systems (ISCAS'10), May 2010, Paris, France. pp.3212-3215, ⟨10.1109/ISCAS.2010.5537932⟩
Conference papers hal-00520988v1

Piecewise perturbation method (PPM) simulation of electrostatically actuated beam with uncertain stiffness

Jérôme Juillard , Hana Baili , Eric Colinet
Nanotech 2004, Mar 2004, Boston, United States
Conference papers hal-01104824v1

A piecewise response surface method for simulating MEMS with uncertain parameters

Jerome Juillard , Eric Colinet , Hana Baili
ICMENS 2004, Aug 2004, Banff, Canada
Conference papers hal-01104832v1


C. Morales , Philippe Thieullen , H. Villavicencio
Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 2018, 97 (1), pp.153-162. ⟨10.1017/S0004972717000703⟩
Journal articles hal-02496345v1
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From MEMS to NEMS: closed-loop actuation of resonant beams beyond the critical Duffing amplitude

Jérôme Juillard , Bonnoit Alain , Emilie Avignon , S. Hentz , Kacem N , et al.
IEEE Sensors, Oct 2008, Lecce, Italy. pp. 510-513, ⟨10.1109/ICSENS.2008.4716489⟩
Conference papers hal-00351209v1
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Large amplitude dynamics of micro/nanomechanical resonators actuated with electrostatic pulses

Jérôme Juillard , Alain Bonnoit , Emilie Avignon , S. Hentz , Eric Colinet
Journal of Applied Physics, 2010, 107 (1), 014907 (10 p.). ⟨10.1063/1.3277022⟩
Journal articles hal-00450352v1
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Influence of excitation waveform and oscillator geometry on the resonant pull-in of capacitive MEMS oscillators

Jérome Juillard , Grégory Arndt , Julien Arcamone , Eric Colinet
DTIP 2013, Apr 2013, Barcelona, Spain. pp.2-5
Conference papers hal-00830533v1
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Enhancing the frequency stability of a NEMS oscillator with electrostatic and mechanical nonlinearities

Jérôme Juillard , Grégory Ardnt , Eric Colinet
Eurosensors'09, Procedia Chemistry, Sep 2009, Lausanne, Switzerland. pp.1415-1418
Conference papers hal-00445428v1
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Determination of the Behaviour of Self-Sampled Digital Phase-Locked Loops

Jean-Michel Akre , Jérôme Juillard , Sorin Olaru , Dimitri Galayko , Eric Colinet
53rd IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits ans Systems (MWSCAS'10), Aug 2010, Seattle, United States. pp.1089-1092, ⟨10.1109/MWSCAS.2010.5548840⟩
Conference papers hal-00520380v1