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Analysis of a multistep Jacobi multigrid method for solving the Euler equations

Eric Morano , Alain Dervieux
[Research Report] RR-1506, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075056v1
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The ESTEREL language

Frédéric Boussinot , Robert De Simone
[Research Report] RR-1487, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075075v1
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Flow models of distributed computations : event structures and nets

Gérard Boudol , Ilaria Castellani
[Research Report] RR-1482, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075080v1
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Heart rate variability in sleeping neonates

Jean Clairambault , L. Curzi-Dascalova , François Kauffmann , Claire Médigue , C. Leffler , et al.
[Research Report] RR-1472, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075090v1
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Comparison properties of stochastic decision free Petri nets

François Baccelli , Zhen Liu
[Research Report] RR-1433, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075127v1
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Stochastic orderings on partial sums of random variables and on counting measures of random intervals

Alain Jean-Marie , Zhen Liu
[Research Report] RR-1422, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075138v1
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Comparison of some optimization algorithms for optimum shape design in aerodynamics

Olivier Pironneau , Andreas Vossinis
[Research Report] RR-1392, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075168v1
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Evaluation d'une interface par des ergonomes : diagnostics et strategies

Agnès Pollier
[Rapport de recherche] RR-1391, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075170v1
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Decay of solutions of wave equation in a star-shaped domain with nonlinear boundary feedback

Francis Conrad , Bopeng Rao
[Research Report] RR-1381, INRIA. 1991, pp.28
Reports inria-00075180v1
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A Distributed solution to the K-out of M-resources allocation problem

Michel Raynal
[Research Report] RR-1361, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075199v1
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OPAC: a cost-effective floating-point coprocessor

André Seznec , Karl Courtel
[Research Report] RR-1461, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00077187v1
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Contexts for nonmonotonic RMSes

Jérôme Euzenat
12th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Aug 1991, Sydney, Australia. pp.300-305
Conference papers hal-01401192v1
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J. R. Lobry
Ecologie, Environnement. Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I, 1991. Français. ⟨NNT : ⟩
Theses tel-00410686v1
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Local edge grouping by simple process iteration

Franck Mangin , Marc Berthod , Josiane Zerubia
[Research Report] RR-1559, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075002v1
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Finding suitable curves for the elliptic curve method of factorization

A.O.L. Atkin , François Morain
[Research Report] RR-1547, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075015v1
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On optimal polling policies

Zhen Liu , Philippe Nain , Don Towsley
[Research Report] RR-1541, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075021v1
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Effect of sloppy discretization on reflection and transmission coefficients

Jukka Tuomela
[Research Report] RR-1537, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075025v1
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Compact balanced tries

Pierre Nicodeme
[Research Report] RR-1533, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075029v1
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Automatic analysis and transformation of FORTRAN programs using a typed functional language

Nicole Rostaing , Stéphane Dalmas
[Research Report] RR-1518, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075044v1
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Comparison of the mixture and the classification maximum likelihood in cluster analysis

Gilles Celeux , Gérard Govaert
[Research Report] RR-1517, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075045v1
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The Gilbreath trick : a case study in axiomatisation and proof development in the Coq proof assistant

Gérard Huet
[Research Report] RR-1511, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075051v1
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Sub-groups of Zn, standard basis, and linear diophantine systems

Loïc Pottier
[Research Report] RR-1510, INRIA. 1991, pp.11
Reports inria-00075052v1
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A Global Illumination Solution for General Reflectance Distributions

François X. Sillion , James Arvo , Stephen Westin , Donald P. Greenberg
SIGGRAPH'91 conference proceedings, 1991, Las Vegas, United States. pp.187-196
Conference papers inria-00510145v1
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Tuning the mesh of a mixed methods in psi, omega for Navier-Stokes equations

Yves Achdou , Roland Glowinski , Olivier Pironneau
[Research Report] RR-1514, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00077188v1
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Trinocular Stereovision for Robotics

Nicholas Ayache , Francis Lustman
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 1991, 13 (1)
Journal articles inria-00615530v1
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Newton's method for quadratics and nested intervals

Mordecai Golin , Kenneth J. Supowit
[Research Report] RR-1564, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00074997v1
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Dynamic location in an arrangement of line segments in the plane

Olivier Devillers , Monique Teillaud , Mariette Yvinec
[Research Report] RR-1558, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075003v1
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OPAC : a floating-point coprocessor dedicated to compute-bound kernels

André Seznec , Karl Courtel
[Research Report] RR-1555, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075006v1
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Ecoulements euleriens hors-equilibre chimique dans le voisinage d'un point d'arret

Maria-Vittoria Salvetti , Jean-Antoine Desideri
[Rapport de recherche] RR-1550, INRIA. 1991
Reports inria-00075011v1
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The Origins of lambda-calculus and term rewriting systems

Yves Bertot
[Research Report] RR-1543, INRIA. 1991, pp.19
Reports inria-00075019v1