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Two extensions to C++: A Dynamic Link Editor and Inner data

Philippe Gautron , Marc Shapiro
C++ Workshop, USENIX, 1987, Santa Fe, NM, US, United States
Conference papers inria-00444597v1

Compositional compartmentalization and gene composition in the genome of vertebrates

Dominique Mouchiroud , G. Fichant , G. Bernardi
Journal of Molecular Evolution, 1987, 26, pp.198-204
Journal articles hal-00698074v1

Decidability of the Confluence of Ground Term Rewriting Systems.

Max Dauchet , Sophie Tison , Thierry Heuillard , Pierre Lescanne
LICS 1987 - Second Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science, Jun 1987, Ithaca, New York, United States
Conference papers hal-02193998v1

A way to build efficient carry-skip adders

A. Guyot , B. Hochet , Jean-Michel Muller
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 1987, Oct. ; C-36(10), pp.1144-52
Journal articles hal-00014976v1

Dynamic time warping and vector quantization in isolated and connected word recognition

Anne Boyer , Jean-Paul Haton , Joseph Di Martino
ECST - European Conference on Speech Technology - 1987, 1987, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. pp.2436-2439
Conference papers hal-00835470v1

On multi-level machines for continuous speech recognition

Joseph Di Martino
IJCAI - Tenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligent - 1987, Aug 1987, Milan, Italy. pp.836-839
Conference papers hal-00835095v1

Multiplication rapide en Le_Lisp

P. Zimmermann
[Research Report] 1987
Reports hal-00917743v1

Le nouveau président

Jérôme Jaffré , Olivier Duhamel
Editions Seuil, pp.291, 1987
Books hal-03397520v1

SCALA: une cellule systolique programmable pour l'algèbre linéaire

Alain Guyot , Bertrand Hochet , Christophe Mauras , Jean-Michel Muller , Yves Robert
Deuxième Colloque C3, 1987, Unknown, pp.183-204
Conference papers hal-00857114v1

Codon contexts in enterobacterial and coliphage genes

Manolo Gouy
Molecular Biology and Evolution, 1987, 4, pp.426-444. ⟨10.1093/oxfordjournals.molbev.a040450⟩
Journal articles hal-00697910v1

An approach to approximate reasoning based on the Dempster rule of combination

Philippe Chatalic , Didier Dubois , Henri Prade
International Journal of Expert Systems, 1987, 1 (1), pp.67-85
Journal articles hal-04077230v1

CIL : un modèle d’illumination intégrant les réflexions diffuse et spéculaire

Olivier Devillers , François X. Sillion , Claude Puech
[Rapport de recherche] Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'École Normale Supérieure. 1987
Reports hal-01117282v1

Algorithmique parallèle: une étude de complexité

Michel Cosnard , Yves Robert
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série TSI : Technique et Science Informatiques, 1987, 6 (2), pp.115-125
Journal articles hal-00857110v1

MIRACLE: un système de raisonnement approché qui prend en compte les dépendances

Philippe Chatalic , Didier Dubois , Henri Prade
6ème Congrès Reconnaissance des Formes et Intelligence Artificielle (RFIA 1987), Nov 1987, Antibes, France
Conference papers hal-04206350v1

Matching parallel algorithms with architectures: a case study

Michel Cosnard , Yves Robert , Maurice Tchuente
Highly parallel computers, 1987, Unknown, pp.127-144
Conference papers hal-00857119v1

On multiple classification, points of view and object evolution

Bernard Carré , Gérard Comyn
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, 1987, Grenoble, France. pp.49-62
Conference papers hal-00583870v1

Parallel solution of dense linear systems by diagonalization methods

Michel Cosnard , Yves Robert , Denis Trystram
International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 1987, 22, pp.249-270
Journal articles hal-00857106v1

Interfacing similarity search software with the sequence retrieval system ACNUC

D.G. Higgins , Manolo Gouy
Bioinformatics, 1987, 3 (3), pp.239-241. ⟨10.1093/bioinformatics/3.3.239⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00697947v1

Stereo Correspondence: Matching Based on Geometric Constraints and Topological Similarities

Radu Horaud , Thomas Skordas , Yves Demazeau
[Technical Report] 1987
Reports inria-00589987v1

SOS : un système d'exploitation rèparti basè sur les objets

Marc Shapiro , Vadim Abrossimov , Philippe Gautron , Sabine Habert , Mesaac Makpangou
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série TSI : Technique et Science Informatiques, 1987, 6 (2), pp.166--169
Journal articles inria-00444652v1


Marc Berthod , S. Castan , James L. Crowley , Olivier Faugeras , Roger Mohr , et al.
[Rapport Technique] 87-R-074, 1987
Reports inria-00548482v1

The FELIN arithmetic coprocessor chip

Michel Cosnard , A. Guyot , B. Hochet , Jean-Michel Muller , H. Ouaouicha , et al.
Proceedings-of-the-8th-Symposium-on-Computer-Arithmetic-Cat.-No.87CH2419-0, 1987, Como, Italy. pp.107-12
Conference papers hal-00014979v1

Implementing the nullspace algorithm over GF(p) on a ring of processors

Michel Cosnard , Yves Robert
2-nd Int. Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, 1987, Bogazici University, Istanbul, pp.92-110
Conference papers hal-00857112v1

Gauss elimination algorithms for MIMD computers

Michel Cosnard , Mounir Marrakchi , Denis Trystram , Yves Robert
CONPAR 86, 1987, Unknown, pp.171-180
Conference papers hal-00857116v1

SOS~: un système d'exploitation réparti basé sur les objets

Marc Shapiro , Vadim Abrossimov , Philippe Gautron , Sabine Habert , Mesaac Mounchili Makpangou
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série TSI : Technique et Science Informatiques, 1987, 6 (2), pp.166--169
Journal articles hal-01248235v1

Average Efficiency of Data Structures for Binary Image Processing

C. Mathieu , C. Puech , H. M. Yahia
Information Processing Letters, 1987, 26 (2), pp.89-93
Journal articles inria-00423698v1

Stereo Correspondence Through Feature Grouping and Maximal Cliques

Thomas Skordas , Radu Horaud
[Technical Report] 1987
Reports inria-00589988v1

Systolic solutions of linear systems over GF(p) with partial pivoting

Bertrand Hochet , Patrice Quinton , Yves Robert
IEEE 8-th Symposium on Computer Arithmetic, 1987, Unknown, pp.161-168
Conference papers hal-00857113v1

[Effect of subinhibitory concentrations of antibiotics on the growth level of bacteria].

G. Carret , B Charpe , A Cheruy , Jean-Pierre Flandrois , A. Pavé , et al.
Pathologie Biologie, 1987, 35 (5), pp.483-93
Journal articles hal-02332695v1