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Lower Hybrid Range Cold Magnetized Plasma Modelling in ANSYS HFSS

Julien Hillairet , Riccardo Ragona , Laurent Colas , Walid Helou , Frédéric Bocquet
Fusion Engineering and Design, 2019, ⟨10.1016/j.fusengdes.2019.02.108⟩
Journal articles cea-01889312v2
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Paschen’s Law in Extreme Pressure and Temperature Conditions

Giacomo Galli , Hassen Hamrita , C. Jammes , Michael J. Kirkpatrick , Emmanuel Odic , et al.
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2019, 47 (3), pp.1641-1647. ⟨10.1109/TPS.2019.2896352⟩
Journal articles hal-02117590v1
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P. Maget , J Frank , O. Agullo , X. Garbet , H. Lütjens , et al.
46th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS 2019), Jul 2019, Milan, Italy
Conference poster cea-02555124v1
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Gyro-kinetic theory and global simulations of the collisionless tearing instability: the impact of trapped particles through the magnetic field curvature

David Zarzoso , S. Nasr , X. Garbet , A. I Smolyakov , S. Benkadda
Physics of Plasmas, 2019, 26 (11), pp.112112. ⟨10.1063/1.5109947⟩
Journal articles hal-02367805v1
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Analysis of the Total Instantaneous Blockage accident consequences in the innovative inherently-safe CADOR SFR core

Thibaut Rahm , Jean-Baptiste Droin , Nathalie Marie , Frédéric Bertrand , Amandine Marrel
Nuclear Engineering and Design, 2019, 348, pp.78-89. ⟨10.1016/j.nucengdes.2019.04.019⟩
Journal articles cea-02510329v1
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First heat flux estimation in the lower divertor of WEST with embedded thermal measurements

J. Gaspar , Y. Corre , M. Firdaouss , J.L. Gardarein , J. Gerardin , et al.
Fusion Engineering and Design, 2019, 146 part A, pp.757-760. ⟨10.1016/j.fusengdes.2019.01.074⟩
Journal articles hal-02050673v1
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First-principles investigation of the bulk properties of americium dioxide and sesquioxides

Martin S. Talla Noutack , Grégory Geneste , Gérald Jomard , Michel Freyss
Physical Review Materials, 2019, 3, pp.035001. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.3.035001⟩
Journal articles cea-02063498v1
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RF Network Analysis of the WEST ICRH Antenna with the Open-Source Python scikit-rf Package

Julien Hillairet
23rd Topical Conference on Radiofrequency Power in Plasmas (RFPPC 2019), May 2019, Hefei, China
Conference papers cea-02459571v1
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Development and characterization of magnetron sputtered self-lubricating Au-Ni/a-C nano-composite coating on CuCrZr alloy substrate

Zhaoxi Chen , Li Qiao , Julien Hillairet , Yuntao Song , Viviane Turq , et al.
Applied Surface Science, 2019, ⟨10.1016/j.apsusc.2019.06.240⟩
Journal articles cea-02171205v1
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Impact of alternative divertor configuration on plasma detachment: pure Deuterium simulations with SolEdge2D-EIRENE edge transport code for HL-2M scenario

R Mao , N. Fedorczak , G. Ciraolo , H. Bufferand , Y. Marandet , et al.
Nuclear Fusion, 2019
Journal articles hal-02370418v1
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Automating the design of tokamak experiment scenarios

Jacques Blum , Holger Heumann , Eric Nardon , Xiao Song
Journal of Computational Physics, 2019, 394, pp.594-614. ⟨10.1016/⟩
Journal articles hal-02418396v1
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Influence of Toroidal Flow on Stationary Density of Collisionless Plasmas

Elias Laribi , Shun Ogawa , Guilhem Dif-Pradalier , Alexei Vasiliev , Xavier Garbet , et al.
Fluids, 2019, 4 (3), pp.172. ⟨10.3390/fluids4030172⟩
Journal articles hal-02290731v1
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1 µs broadband frequency sweeping reflectometry for plasma density and fluctuation profile measurements

F. Clairet , C. Bottereau , A. Medvedeva , D. Molina , G. D. Conway , et al.
14th International reflectometry workshop, May 2019, Lausanne, Switzerland. pp.1453 - 1454
Conference papers cea-02289203v1
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Magnetic Nanoparticles in Human Cervical Skin

Kari Murros , Joonas Wasiljeff , Elena Macías-Sánchez , Damien Faivre , Lauri Soinne , et al.
Frontiers in Medicine, 2019, 6, pp.123. ⟨10.3389/fmed.2019.00123⟩
Journal articles cea-02146592v1
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Continuous photoproduction of hydrocarbon drop-in fuel by microbial cell factories

Solène Moulin , Bertrand Legeret , Stéphanie Blangy , Damien Sorigué , Adrien Burlacot , et al.
Scientific Reports, 2019, 9 (1), ⟨10.1038/s41598-019-50261-6⟩
Journal articles hal-02294535v1
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On the Operational Aspects of Measuring Nanoparticle Sizes

Jean-Marie Teulon , Christian Godon , Louis Chantalat , Christine Moriscot , Julien Cambedouzou , et al.
Nanomaterials, 2019, 9 (1), pp.18. ⟨10.3390/nano9010018⟩
Journal articles cea-01968894v1
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Quasilinear nature of L mode edge turbulent transport in fluid nonlinear simulations

G de Dominici , G. Fuhr , C. Bourdelle , P. Beyer , X. Garbet , et al.
Nuclear Fusion Journal of Plasma Physics and Thermonuclear Fusion, 2019
Journal articles cea-02375494v1
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Plant and algal lipids set sail for new horizons

Yonghua Li-Beisson , Hajime Wada
Plant and Cell Physiology, 2019, 60 (6), pp.1161-1163. ⟨10.1093/pcp/pcz092/5489916⟩
Journal articles cea-02134275v1
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Radio-Frequency Hands-on for Nuclear Fusion Master Students

Julien Hillairet , Joëlle Achard , Riccardo Ragona
European Journal of Physics, 2019, ⟨10.1088/1361-6404/ab56df⟩
Journal articles cea-02332306v1
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Using OpenMP tasks for a 2D Vlasov-Poisson Application

Jérôme Richard , Guillaume Latu , Julien Bigot
[Research Report] CEA Cadarache. 2019
Reports hal-01963113v2
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The lipid biochemistry of eukaryotic algae

Yonghua Li-Beisson , Jay J. Thelen , Eric Fedosejevs , John L. Harwood
Progress in Lipid Research, 2019, 74, pp.31-68. ⟨10.1016/j.plipres.2019.01.003⟩
Journal articles cea-02008061v1
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Study on the self-shielding and temperature influences on the neutron irradiation damage calculations in reactors

Shengli Chen , David Bernard , Laurent Buiron
Nuclear Engineering and Design, 2019, 346, pp.85-96. ⟨10.1016/j.nucengdes.2019.03.006⟩
Journal articles cea-02535265v1
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Photoluminescence properties of CaWO4 and CdWO4 thin films deposited on SiO2/Si substrates

Aziz Taoufyq , Valerie Mauroy , Tomas Fiorido , Frédéric Guinneton , Jean-Christophe Valmalette , et al.
Journal of Luminescence, 2019, 215, pp.116619 -. ⟨10.1016/j.jlumin.2019.116619⟩
Journal articles hal-03487376v1
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Feasibility study of fissile mass detection in 870 L radioactive waste drums using delayed gamma rays from neutron-induced fission

R. de Stefano , C. Carasco , B. Pérot , E. Simon , T. Nicol , et al.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 2019, 322, pp.1185-1194. ⟨10.1007/s10967-019-06731-2⟩
Journal articles cea-02591079v1
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Doppler line shape model for the W I 5d 5 6s—5d 5 6p transition at 400.9 nm in tokamaks

A Sepetys , R Guirlet , J Rosato , Y Marandet
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 2019, 61 (12), pp.125017. ⟨10.1088/1361-6587/ab4f99⟩
Journal articles hal-03032723v1
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Modeling ICRH and ICRH-NBI synergy in high power JET scenarios using European Transport Simulator (ETS)

P. Huynh , E. A. Lerche , D. van Eester , R. Bilato , J. Varje , et al.
23rd Topical conference on radio frequency power in plasmas, May 2019, Hefei, China
Conference papers cea-02478914v1
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Perfectly Matched Layers for time-harmonic transverse electric wave propagation in cylindrical and toroidal gyrotropic media

Laurent Colas , J. Jacquot , J. Hillairet , W. Helou , W. Tierens , et al.
Journal of Computational Physics, 2019, 389, pp.94-110. ⟨10.1016/⟩
Journal articles cea-02103360v1
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Bubbly flow velocity measurement in multiple scattering regime

Olivier Lombard , Lilian D’hondt , Matthieu Cavaro , Serge Mensah , Cédric Payan
Journal articles hal-02070793v1
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Nonlinear normal mode continuation through a Proper Generalized Decomposition approach with modal enrichment

Louis Meyrand , Emmanuelle Sarrouy , Bruno Cochelin , Guillaume Ricciardi
Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2019, 443, pp.444-459. ⟨10.1016/j.jsv.2018.11.030⟩
Journal articles hal-01990020v1
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Subcellular Energetics and Carbon Storage in Chlamydomonas

Adrien Burlacot , G. Peltier , Yonghua Li-Beisson
Cells, 2019, 8 (10), ⟨10.3390/cells8101154⟩
Journal articles hal-02298391v1